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  • More than 146,679, Tamils were killed directly and indirectly during the last stage of war in Sri Lanka,
  • More than 16,356 Tamils were made disabled during the war in Sri Lanka,
  • More than 282,380 Tamils have been forced to flee,
  • Nearly 1,400 Tamils died in a week in Refugee camps. Humanitarian assistance denied by Sri Lankan government,
  • More than 89,000 war widows,
  • No proper school functioning and healthcare,
  • Uncertainty day to day life,
  • Enforced disappearances, torture, rape, arbitrary arrest and detention, lack of accountability, impunity, censorship, are among the reported human rights abuse,
  • Rejected asylum-seekers and returnees appear to be at risk to torture, if accused of anti-government political activities,
  • The Northern and Eastern provinces that were affected by the war are still under the control of the military, and
  • Tamil people have no freedom at all.

I-TRAN for Refugees

Guided by Tamil values and experience, I-TRAN is working to address the global Tamil refugee crisis. We protect Tamil refugees throughout the world and displaced persons in home land, helping them to build new lives in safety and with dignity.

Why? Because as long as there are still places where it is a crime to be who you are, we have a mandate to be who we are

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