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    In May 2009, the civil war in Sri Lanka ended. Since 2010, I-TRAN has engaged and met with the UNHCR, government authorities, stakeholders, NGOs, policy makers and academics in countries where Tamil refugees are found to raise awareness and advocate for these refugees. I-TRAN has established relationship in the countries we visited on our missions. We plan in 2019 to continue to engage with those we met to promote durable solutions for the Tamil refugee population - resettlement, repatriations and local integration. Part of our mission in April 2019 is to talk to Mauritius and Reunion government authorities about possible resettlement of a portion of this population to those places.

    Our planned 2019 mission should be important for those who care about Tamil refugees. The Tamil diaspora should direct their support, wealth and talent to helping Tamils impoverished by the war to get back on their feet. If not, this population will be left in indefinite limbo, without the ability to educate their children properly, work in useful occupations, maintain Tamil culture or lead meaningful lives.

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    I-TRAN for Refugees

    Guided by Tamil values and experience, I-TRAN is working to address the global Tamil refugee crisis. We protect Tamil refugees throughout the world and displaced persons in home land, helping them to build new lives in safety and with dignity.

    Why? Because as long as there are still places where it is a crime to be who you are, we have a mandate to be who we are

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