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  • According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Indonesia, there are Eelam Tamil asylum seekers also being detained in a number of other locations, as of January 31, 2014. (1) 36 in Belawan (Medan) (2) 25 in Tanging Pinang (3) 14 in Surabaya (4) 02 in Pekanbaru (5) 01 in Manado (7) 27 in Bali and (8) 03 in Jaipur. The total numbers of detainees are 108.
  • As of end December 2014 there were 676 Eelam Tamils registered with the office (329 refugees and 247 asylum seekers). Average waiting period from registration to first interview ranges from 8 to 19 months year depending on the case.
  • Refugees and asylum seekers are not legally permitted to engage in income generation activities in Indonesia. Given limited opportunities to be self-sufficient, and the limited assistance programs provided by UNHCR through the NGOs,


In line with the UNHCR Global Education Strategy (2012-2016), UNHCR continues to implement educational programs through its implementing partner, CWS. Refugee children have access to primary and secondary education in Indonesian public schools. Non-formal education and recreational activities are available for a limited number of children and youths. Non-formal education, vocational, and skills training activities are implemented in collaboration with CWS, refugee communities, and local training providers.


UNHCR collaborates with various partners to provide healthcare services to persons of concern to reduce major health risks and ensure access to primary and secondary medical care. Healthcare services are provided to persons of concern through public health systems, such as referrals to community health centres and to hospitals for more complicated illnesses and emergency treatment. The provision of immunization through community maternity and child care centers is ensured, especially compulsory vaccinations for children.

An Indonesian policeman throws a bag of supplies to the migrants on Tuesday.

Immigration and navy officers try to persuade Sri Lankan asylum seekers to climb back onto their boat after some jumped to the mainland on the Pulo Kapuk beach in Lhoknga, Aceh, Indonesia, on Thursday.

Indonesian security personnel try to push a stranded Sri Lankan boat using a backhoe into the open sea, at Lhoknga beach in Indonesia on 20 June.

Sri Lankan asylum seekers rest inside a tent set up on a beach at Lhoknga while the Indonesian military try to fix their boat.

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