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Tamil Refugees in Canada

Where Canada’s refugees come from: by the numbers

Country Claims Referred Accepted Rejected Abandoned Withdraw / Other Claims Finalized Pending Acceptances Rate
Sri Lanka 355 345 50 3 7 405 705 81.19%


In the case of Sri Lanka, UNHCR has recently issued revised guidelines to assist decision-makers in reviewing claims to asylum. Those guidelines include our recommendation that in light of the improved security situation since the end of Sri Lanka’s conflict in May 2009, claims by asylum seekers from that country should be considered on their individual merits rather than on a group basis.

According to UNHCR’s most recent statistics, there are a total of 146,098 Sri Lanka refugees in 64 countries. India (73,269), France (20,464), Canada (19,143), Germany (12,248), United Kingdom (8,615), Switzerland (2,836), Malaysia (2,132), Australia (2,070), United States (1,561) and Italy (964) are the top 10 countries hosting Sri Lankan refugees. There are also 7,562 Sri Lankan asylum seekers known to UNHCR in 57 countries. The top ten countries hosting Sri Lankan asylum-seekers are: Switzerland, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Thailand, US, Netherlands, Japan and Australia. Last year, 34,000 new asylum seekers submitted their claims in Canada.

B.C. on Aug. 12, 2010, carrying 492 Sri Lankan Tamils.

MV Sun Sea to a Canadian port on Vancouver Island. The The MV Sun Sea was intercepted off the coast of B.C. on Aug. 12, 2010, carrying 492 Sri Lankan Tamils.

Statistics, Trends & Projections
Tribunal Statistics
Statistics for the Refugee Appeal Division

Refugee Claims

Number of… Total (these figures are rounded)
Claims referred in 2015 16,900
Claims finalized in 2015 13,600
Claims pending as of December 31, 2015 10,400

Refugee Appeals

Number of… Total (these figures are rounded)
Appeals filed in 2015 3,000
Appeals finalized in 2015 2,800
Appeals pending as of December 31, 2015 1,100

Admissibility Claims

Number of… Total (these figures are rounded)
Admissibility hearings concluded in 2015 1,900
Detention reviews concluded in 2015 14,000
Members (decision-makers) in the Immigration Division (December 31, 2015) 33

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