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India Mission February 2017 - David Matas and Sam Ratna Discussing with Professor Ramu Manivannan about Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in India

India Mission February 2017 - Honoring David Matas

India Mission February 2017 - David Matas gives a speech on Perspectives On Durable Solutions For Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in India

India Mission February 2017 - Dr. V. Suryanarayan talks about Issues faced by Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in India

India Mission February 2017 - Dr. K.M. Parivelan discussses Exploring Durable Solutions for Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in India

India Mission February 2017 - Dr. Sanoj Ranjan discusses Local Integration - Legal Perspectives for Tamil Refugess in India

India Mission February 2017 - Questions from the Panel

India Mission February 2017 - Questions from the Audience

India Mission February 2017 - Mr. Era. Elamparithi discusses the Prospectives of Stateless Persons

India Mission February 2017 - Sam Ratna - Voice of Refugees and NGO's

India Mission February 2017 -(from left to right): Dr. K.M. Parivelan, Professor David Matas, Former Memeber of Parliament E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, Sam Ratna, Mr. Era. Elamparithi

David Matas, talk about local integration for Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in India, (Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, 09 February 2017)


Awareness and Advocacy by I-TRAN

There are thousands of Tamil children in Southeast Asia who are affected by war, conflict and unrest. Many of them have fled their homeland and their parents. Others are internally displaced in their own country.

  • We network with other agencies and people who share similar to join forces in providing assistance to these refugees and their families.
  • We engage local governments and UNHCR in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and India) to better understand issues of refugees to develop programs that improve the lives of refugees and also provide a long-term solution such as education, Health Care, rejected UNHCR Refugee status, basic needs and essential services, and resettlement programs, etc.
  • Use different media to raise awareness and educate the Canadian public, such as newsletters, e-newsletters, sponsorship reports and our own publications.
  • I-TRAN needs funds to continue do awareness and advocacy


Annual Budget

Awareness and Advocacy for Refugees Countries to Travel Meeting, Coordination & Negotiating with Budget
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Rejected UNHCR Refugee status
  • Basic needs and essential services
  • Resettlement by UNHCR
  • Negotiating for resettlement of Tamil refugees with other country by I-TRAN
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Other Countries
  • Government Authorities
  • NGO’s
  • Visiting Prisons and detentions Center in varies places
Two people Travel & surface Cost Including Legal team)
Cost Estimated 0.00 0.00 $ 30,000.00 CAD
Total annual budget for Advocacy $ 30,000.00 CAD

I-TRAN for Refugees

Guided by Tamil values and experience, I-TRAN is working to address the global Tamil refugee crisis. We protect Tamil refugees throughout the world and displaced persons in home land, helping them to build new lives in safety and with dignity.

Why? Because as long as there are still places where it is a crime to be who you are, we have a mandate to be who we are

Join us today. Sign up to learn how you can make a difference on one of the most urgent issues of our time. If you would like to know more about our action, go to our website:

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